The Battle of the King The Culling will be restarted on Steam using the shareware model on September 14

In the summer, developers have removed the second part from the sale due to the almost zero online.

The creators of The Culling announced that on September 14 Steam will release an “initial version” of a multiplayer action game with the subtitle Origins.

According to the developers, the game “returns to the roots” – it will get almost all the features that were in it at the time of release in March 2016. Among them are old gameplay, various perks and boxes falling from the sky.

In addition, Xaviant promise some innovations. The Culling: Origins will receive a shareware distribution model, experience system, progression, high score tables, weaponry, voice chat and special lootboxes.

Each time after the increase, the user will be able to open four boxes in which cosmetic items and local currency may be located. In addition, special tokens are available to players for real money – they can be spent on Luthboxes. However, boxes can be bought for domestic currency. Sometimes tokens will fall out in lootboxes.

The developers also plan to produce paid DLC with various cosmetic items – they can be purchased only for real money. Owners of the original game will also receive a set of “Original Gangster” (Original Gangster), which includes 1000 tokens, skins for weapons, two Culling cards and four luthox.

The Royal Battle, The Culling 2, was released on July 10, 2018, after the developers admitted that users lost interest in the original. However, even fewer participants played in the second part. After the release, the maximum online was 250 people, and later this figure only fell.

A week after the release, the creators reported that they were shooting the game sales from all platforms and returned to the original The Culling.

The Culling is a “royal battle” with an emphasis on melee fighting in a reality show setting. It came out even before the genre gained popularity – a year before the release of PUBG in the “early access”.


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