Rockstar launched in-game store Red Dead Online and distributes game currency


Now gold bars can be purchased for real money.

Bullion, the premium currency RDO, allows you to buy in sets of 25 to 350 pieces – the cheapest is 429 rubles, and the most expensive – 4299 rubles. Prices for some of them are slightly different on the PS4 and Xbox One – for ten rubles.

In Rockstar also announced that they will distribute the game currency to all players in gratitude for their support.

Anyone who enters the game before December 20 will receive 15 gold bars – they will be credited to the account by the 24th.

And those who bought the extended editions of Red Dead Redemption 2 will also be presented with RDO dollars. Owners Special Edition will get $ 100, and the Ultimate Edition – $ 1000. An extra hundred will get all those who pre-order the game.

In addition, the developers stated that they are already working on updates to the online mode RDR 2, which will correct the balance, as well as impose penalties for “griffery” – regular prosecution and killing other players.

In early December, the game changed the economy, lowering the prices of weapons and increasing rewards for completing tasks.

When the beta test of Red Dead Online is over, Rockstar isn’t revealed yet.


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