Hackers from the “Digital Revolution” announced the discovery of the FSB system for analyzing social networks for protest moods


One of the stop words for post search is “Alexey Navalny”.

The hacker group Digital Revolution (“Digital Revolution”) announced the hacking of the servers of the research institute “Kvant”, which belongs to the FSB. They found documents describing a social media monitoring system to track protest moods. On this drew the attention of the Russian service BBC.

  • In early December, Digital Revolution told on Twitter that they had access to Quantum’s servers. “Stop working with those who betray our people and profit from our freedom. Today you saw what we can do, ” hackers wrote ;
  • The Kvant Research Institute is a Moscow institute where they developed one of the first computers in Soviet times. Soon the institution was placed under the control of the FSB.The media wrote that the research institute purchased the Remote Control System for Smartphone Remote Control. In June 2018, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on him because of an alleged connection with hacker attacks;
  • The hackers published the names of the folders and the list of administrators on the Kvant server, as well as temporarily placing a picture with dogs in the hoods on the SRI website – the symbol of “Digital resistance”. The institution soon turned off the site server and corporate mail;
  • One of the documents published by hackers is called “Abner”: it describes the system of monitoring public opinion and searching for protest sentiments on VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The search is suggested to be conducted using neural networks, and one of the stop words is “Alexey Navalny”;
  • In addition, the system can explore specific “extreme virtual groups” in social networks, for example, the “Putin – leave” community. She issupposedly finds posts by keywords and topics and understands what is written in them;
  • According to the Digital Revolution, the research institute is also involved in the development of a similar system for monitoring social networks in Kazakhstan. Local media reported on such an order from the Ministry of Information of Kazakhstan;
  • According to the document, the system should analyze publications in social networks and look for violation of laws. Examples include terrorism and extremism and the “lack of a hymn”.;
  • The Kazakh branch of Kvant is listed as one of the contractors for the development of a speech recognition system in the Russian and Kazakh languages. The sole owner of the register of entrepreneurs has confirmed that her company is working on monitoring the Kazakh Internet.

“Stop word” – Bulk. Hackers exposed the “project of the FSB” in social networksHackers from the Digital Revolution group claim to have hacked the server of the Kvant research institute … WWW.BBC.COM


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