EA closed the studio that created Dead Space


Star Wars game will be handed over to another team.

Visceral Games is primarily known for the Dead Space series and the Battlefield: Hardline shooter.

Recently, the studio was engaged in an unannounced game of “Star Wars” under the leadership of Amy Hennig, who previously worked on the Uncharted series. Hennig is currently deciding where to go next.

EA executive vice president Patrick Soderlund explained that the project was a linear adventure game. However, “fundamental changes in the market” intervened in the development.

It became obvious that in order to create a game that users will return to over time, we need a more open approach to design.Patrick SoderlundEA Executive Vice President

Shot from an unannounced game Visceral Games

According to Soderlund, the new version of the game will retain the “incredible graphics and authenticity” of EA projects on Star Wars on the Frostbite engine, but will give users more freedom and diversity.

This is the second linear game of Star Wars, not reaching the counters. Initially, Visceral Games was asked to finish Star Wars 1313, but they refused and started the project from scratch. The new version of the game will be built on the basis of assets created by them.


Visceral Games was founded by EA Redwood Shores in 1998. It was renamed after the success of Dead Space. Before releasing the famous trilogy, Visceral was engaged in games under a license like The Godfather or James Bond 007.

After weak sales of Dead Space 3, where microtransactions and co-operatives appeared, the studio worked on EA for support – made additions for Battlefield 3, and also released Battlefield: Hardline and Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. The last two did not become hits.

Many people from Visceral Games are now working in Sledghammer Games on Call of Duty: WWII.


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