Apple didn’t fix a serious iPhone 7 bug, check your


In May of this year, Apple recognized a problem with microphones and speakers in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Namely:

• during a call, the icon for switching to an external speaker is inactive

• during a conversation on FaceTime, phone calls or video chats the microphone does not work

After upgrading to iOS 11.3, users turned off microphones.

Then Apple sent an internal document to all the ASCs, which said the need for warranty replacement, even if the warranty was over. In the summer, the program was quietly curtailed.

The bug was not fixed even with the release of iOS 12.1.1.

In Twitter, users began to complain that the defect continues to manifest itself, but the replacement cost was $ 300 (in Russia, the replacement price for a microphone is 5 thousand rubles).

So, iOS 12 broke the microphone on my iPhone 7, Apple wants $ 320 for a replacement

I called @AppleSupport because the microphone of my iPhone 7 Plus stopped working during calls. They answered: pay us! Apple does not support its products or customers.

I updated the iPhone 7 to iOS 12.1 – they just stopped working, the speaker, microphone does not work, you cannot make a call, I can not hear anything

As a result, Apple requires money to replace the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus microphones. There is a fear that the bug is not software, but hardware. Since it manifests itself in all at completely different times. And the Cupertinians used to change this part for free. [ MacRumors]


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