Metacritic Worst Games of 2018

From The Quiet Man to Agony.

Metacritic aggregator compiled the top 10 games of 2018, which received the lowest marks from critics.

The list could get only those releases, reviews of which published seven or more publications. If the game was released on several platforms, then only the version with the smallest score was taken into account.

10th place – Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

Whether a sequel, or a restart of the fighting game that came out in 1994 with basketball player Shaquille O’Neill in the lead role.

Funds for the continuation were collected using the crowdfunding campaign – the players donated more than 470 thousand dollars. According to critics, A Legend Reborn failed to beat even the original, which is considered one of the worst games in history.

Rating: 36 points out of 100 (PS4)

9th place – Underworld Ascendant

A sequel to RPG Ultima Underworld, released in the early nineties. The game was created by the creators of the first games of the series, who founded the studio OtherSide Entertainment. Warren Spector, the author of the original Deus Ex, served as a consultant during the development.

However, both the press and fans criticized the game, saying that it looked more like a technical demo version, rather than a complete product.

Rating: 36 points out of 100 (PC)

8th place – Hollow

The horror, which took place on a spacecraft, was originally released on PC at the end of 2017, but the release on the Switch took place only a few months later.

Critics praised the game for the setting and the atmosphere, but noted that technical problems, gameplay and a banal plot pull it to the bottom.

Rating: 36 points out of 100 (Switch)

7th Place – One Piece: Grand Cruise

Exclusive PS VR based on Japanese manga and anime series of the same name.

Due to poor quality and lack of content, even the fans of the series accepted the game coldly. They believe that One Piece: Grand Cruise is not worth the ten dollars they ask for.

Rating: 35 points out of 100 (PS4)

6th place – Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls

Scandalous “pickup simulator”, which refused to release on PS4 – presumably due to accusations of sexism against developers.

The game was defeated primarily for tasteless humor. At the same time, the second part, which appeared six months later, was not so toughly accepted, although it had significantly fewer reviews.

Rating: 35 points out of 100 (PC)

5th place – Past Cure

Stealth shooter about a former military man with supernatural abilities, suffering from mental disorders.

Although some review authors noted a good idea and ambition of developers, Past Cure was criticized for boring gameplay and vague plot.

Rating: 34 points out of 100 (Xbox One)

4th place – Agony

Horror from the Polish studio Madmind, which turned out to be so cruel that I had to cut several scenes from it. Later, they were still returned with the help of the DLC for the PC version, but critics believe that the game itself did not save.

Due to mistakes in game design and a lot of bugs, journalists compared the very process of playing agony with hellish agony.

Rating: 34 points out of 100 (Xbox One)

3rd place – Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy

The worst release on the Nintendo Switch turned out to be the JRPG port, released on PS Vita back in 2014.

The original was also taken not too warmly (59 points out of 100), but on the hybrid console the disadvantages of the game only became more striking, noted in the press. One of the critics even said that Fantasy Hero is so boring that “it is even difficult to force yourself to look at the screen.”

Rating: 34 points out of 100 (Switch)

2nd place – Gene Rain

Fantastic first-person shooter from the Chinese studio Deeli Network. Observers called it “a clouded Gears of War clone,” noting the non-originality of the setting and the “disgusting” English localization.

Rating: 32 points out of 100 (Xbox One)

1st Place – The Quiet Man

Action from Square Enix announced at E3 2018 – shortly before the release. The main feature of the game is the almost complete absence of sound, since the main character is deaf-mute.

Critics defeated the game, calling it “disastrously bad” and “pretentious.” Observers wondered how it could not be canceled long before the release.

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