Intel, Microsoft and Tencent have developed AI for the cultivation of cucumbers – it competes with ordinary farmers

The competition began in September, while the Microsoft team is leading.

Researchers at Microsoft, Tencent and Intel are participating in the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge contest , which is held by the Dutch University of Wageningen. As part of this competition, teams are developing “smart” greenhouses that compete in the cultivation of cucumbers with ordinary farmers, writes VentureBeat.

Researchers are working on an artificial intelligence technology that controls the flow of water, air, heat and light into the greenhouse. According to November, the Microsoft team wins the competition.

Table with the results of the contest participants. Under the name iGrow Tencent and partners work, Deep Greens – Intel, Sonoma – Microsoft

According to the organizers of the competition, “smart” greenhouses must grow their own products, and not just help people harvest.

This is not about the fact that the robot could properly cut the cucumber and put it in the bag. The whole greenhouse is a robot, so it must be completely autonomous. Artificial intelligence should receive information from sensors and control lighting and other factors.

The competition is funded by the Tencent Exploration Team, which has been investing in agro-projects and start-ups from other areas since 2014, for example, Snapchat and Essential smartphone manufacturer Andy Rubin.

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