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Co-founder of Vine and HQ Trivia Colin Kroll died


He was 34 years old.

Police found co-founder Vine and HQ Trivia Colin Kroll dead in his home. This writes TechCrunch.

A New York City police spokesman told the publication that a drug overdose could have been the cause of death. He clarified that the police are waiting for the report of forensic experts to confirm this.

The death of Kroll was confirmed by representatives of his startup HQ Trivia.

Colin Kroll began his career as a programmer at Right Media, which was bought by Yahoo in 2006. Until 2011, he worked at Yahoo, and in 2012, together with Dom Hoffman and Rus Yusupov, he launched a six-second video service Vine. In 2012, Vine bought Twitter, due to problems with the management of which Kroll and Yusupov left the company in 2015. A year later, the service was closed.

In 2017, Kroll and Yusupov launched the HQ Trivia mobile online quiz. Kroll became the head of a startup in September 2018.

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