Carsharing Yandex.Drive introduced a flat-rate fare for a trip


The company claims that such travel will be cheaper than with per-minute billing.

“Yandex” announced the first tariff of its not yet launched car-sharing service “Drive”. The company will offer customers fixed prices for renting a car, service representatives told.

How it works

To use the “fixed-rate”, the user will need to specify where he plans to complete the trip. The system calculates the cost of rent and fixes it until the end of the trip – the pricing in Yandex.Taxi works in a similar way.

The minimum cost per minute of rent at a fixed rate will be five rubles together with comprehensive insurance – this is less than most other Moscow car sharing and at the level of the Karusel service with Lada cars. The maximum cost of a minute in the “fixed tariff” in the “Drive” was not disclosed, explaining that the total price depends on the pricing algorithms.

According to the head of “Drive” Anton Ryazanov, the fixed cost of the trip will not change if there are traffic jams on the route, as Yandex will be able to assess traffic congestion and determine whether the user is standing in the traffic or making a stop at will.

At the same time, the cost of similar trips at different times of the day may vary, since it depends on the projected travel time and the current demand for trips in similar directions, Ryazanov added.

What happens if you leave the route

The user can go to the destination point both on the route laid by Yandex.Navigator and on his own way. The system evaluates the approach to the final point and will send a warning to the user if he is going the other way or standing still.

If the driver really decided to go to another place, he will be offered to switch to the per-minute fare. Also, “Drive” will be able to change the user’s tariff if he does not respond to warnings.

Why do we need fixed rates

According to Ryazanov, tariffs with an indication of a fixed point of destination will allow the company to more effectively manage a taxi company and reduce prices. “For example, if we know that a user takes a car and moves to an area with high demand, the system will reduce the cost of the trip,” he says.

“In addition, later it will allow forming the so-called“ chain of orders ”- knowing the point where the car will be, we will be able to offer it to another user in advance. It will also help us reduce downtime and have a positive effect on prices. If the demand is high, we will warn the user about it, and he will be able to choose: go right now or wait for the price reduction, ”Ryazanov added.

Prices for the tariff with per-minute payment in Yandex are not disclosed, the “fixed-tariff” for the first time only part of the users will be available in experimental mode. The launch of “Drive” is scheduled for February 2018. The fleet of service will include Renault Kaptur, Kia Rio and Kia Rio X-Line cars with the Yandex.Auto multimedia system, the number of cars in Yandex is not disclosed.


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