The main thing from the Digital Foundry report on the PS4 version of PUBG


The quality of the console version is almost the same as that of the younger and older Xbox One. In the game, there are also bugs, falling FPS and low quality shadows.

n the beginning of December, the PSU version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released – after more than a year the game was an Xbox One console exclusive. Digital Foundry tested the performance and image of the shooter on Sony’s devices and compared it with how the game works on the Xbox One.

First of all, experts stressed that the version for the base PS4 is very close to the version for the standard Xbox One . The performance is the same uneven – at the very beginning of the match, in the lobby, the FPS sags significantly, and only then stabilizes to 30 frames per second. Of the differences, DF employees noticed only an improved rendering of some details like grass in the middle distance from the player.

The picture in the PS4 Pro version of the game looks better, but not much. PUBG runs at 1440p resolution, but Digital Foundry employees point out that the whole effect kills the poor quality of anti-aliasing.

Another advantage of the PS4 Pro version over the standard model is in high quality textures. When the experts compared the PUBG versions for Xbox One and Xbox One X, they decided that the developers had installed high-resolution textures for the older console because of the large amount of memory — an additional four gigabytes of RAM. However, it turned out that the reason is different, because in PS4 Pro only 512 megabytes more RAM than in the base model PS4.

DF also compared the overall performance of the game compared to the Xbox One early access version. According to the frame rate per second and the overall impression, the experts came to the conclusion that the PUBG developers still optimized it somewhat – the game usually manages to keep the bar at 30 FPS, but not always. In some locations, as well as when jumping with a parachute, the frame rate falls on both the PS4 and PS4 Pro – but on the older console the drops are not so significant.

Nevertheless, in the console version of the game there are still bugs like falling through the floor, jams of a parachute on the roof and very long loading of some objects. Separately, experts note problems with shadows – they are of poor quality and sometimes incorrectly drawn from the object.

In general, the experts thought that the PS4 version of the game could look much better thanks to a more powerful graphics processor than the Xbox One. In addition, Digital Foundry employees noted that the PUGB developers did not use all the features of the UE4 engine, which has technologies for dynamic scaling and temporary supersampling – they would significantly improve the picture quality on the PS4 Pro.

As a result, the PUBG version for PS4 is significantly inferior to the competitors in the face of the “royal battle” Black Ops 4 and Fortnite, which run at 60 frames per second and work without so many bugs. Therefore, fans of the shooter is better to play in the PC version, and not on consoles.

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