Ubisoft removes skulls, slot machines and “sexual references” from Rainbow 6 Siege so that the game can be released in China


The company wants to bring the shooter to a single “global” form.

The developers of Rainbow 6 Siege reported that in preparation for the release of the shooter in China, all the contradictory content will be removed from the game. So Ubisoft will not have to create a regional version of the game to avoid conflict with local authorities.

Changes affect the appearance of the maps and icons used in the game. The authors will replace the images of weapons in the interface, will remove slot machines, traces of blood and content with sexual overtones from all locations – for example, a neon sign with a dancer.

The developers noted that the changes are purely cosmetic and will not affect the gameplay. A single version of the game for all regions will allow Ubisoft to save power, as well as quickly make changes and corrections.

Shortly after posting a blog entry for Ubisoft, the company’s community manager announced that the Asian version would still be different from the global one, and Chinese players would not be able to play with gamers from other regions.

The community was embarrassed by the wording of the Ubisoft employee – the players did not understand whether a separate version would be released for China and, if so, how it would differ. Apparently, the community manager was referring to the technical limitations of the regional Rainbow 6 Siege.

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