The developers of Monster Hunter: World presented the plot complement Iceborne and playable Geralt from The Witcher

They also announced the start of a free trial period in the game.

On the upcoming updates and additional content for action-RPG Monster Hunter: World Capcom employees told on December 10 during the live broadcast.

Iceborne Supplement

The first major expansion of Monster Hunter: World will include additional monsters, combat techniques, equipment and locations – judging by the trailer, it will be some snow-covered island. In addition, it will continue the plot of the main game.

According to the developers, the scale of the DLC will be comparable to the Ultimate-versions of the previous parts of the franchise.

The release of Iceborne on consoles is scheduled for autumn 2019, the release date on the PC is not yet known. Details about the supplement promise to tell in the spring.

Crossover with the “Witcher”

Capcom also showed a special event trailer, in which the main character of the Witcher series will appear in Monster Hunter: World.

In the story, Geralt from Rivia enters the New World through the portal and meets with local researchers. In the game there will be additional quests with the participation of the witcher, and he will become one of the playable characters, along with Dante and Megamen, which were added in previous crossovers.

Especially for this event, Capcom worked with CD Projekt RED and invited actors who voiced Geralt in original games. The character will also speak the local language Monster Hunter.

On consoles, a free update with the participation of the witcher will be released in early 2019.

Trial access to the game

In addition, a free version of Monster Hunter: World will be available for PS4 and Xbox One owners during the week.

It is possible to master the beginning of action-RPG, passing quests up to the fourth rank and playing online with the owners of the full version. After buying the game all the progress will continue.

Trial access will begin on December 12 at 3:00 Moscow time and will end on December 18 at 2:59.

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