John Romero presented Sigil mod for the original Doom – he will continue the story of the game


The modification will be free, but the collector’s edition will go on sale .

The mysterious project from John Romero, one of the creators of Doom, turned out to be a mod called Sigil for the first part of the series. According to the game designer, this is the “spiritual heir” of the shooter and a kind of fifth episode for the game of 1993 – that’s why he was teased with the number 5.

The modification will be released in mid-February 2019 and will continue the original story directly. It will include nine single-player levels and the same for deathmatch mode. The game will require the official version of Doom.

Sigil will also be released in the physical edition, in which, unlike the “free”, there will be a soundtrack. Guitarist Brian Carroll, known by the pseudonym Buckethead, wrote it specifically for the mod.

The standard version for $ 40 will include:

  • box with artwork by artist Christopher Lavella;
  • “Flash drive” 16 gigabytes in the form of a floppy disk with a mod and additional materials;
  • two disks – with mod and soundtrack to it;
  • two stickers – with Sigil logos and Romero Games studios.

The collectible “Box of the Beast” ($ 166), each copy of which will be numbered and signed by Romero himself, will also include:

  • art for the game from Christopher Lavella size 20 to 25 centimeters;
  • coin with the logo of the game;
  • the tin figurine of John Romero’s head mounted on a stake (a reference to the Easter eggs from Doom 2);
  • T-shirt with logo (size XL);
  • In addition to fashion and soundtrack on the discs will be special materials on the creation of Sigil and the original Doom.

It will be possible to pre-order these editions only from 10 to 24 December – they will be released in limited edition.

The announcement of Sigil was timed to the 25th anniversary of the Doom series – the first game of the series from id Software was released on December 10, 1993.

Studio Romero Games John Romero and his wife Brenda were founded in 2015. They released several games, including Gunman Taco Truck, which was developed on the idea of ​​the 12-year-old son of the spouses.


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