Epic has introduced an update 7.0 for Fortnite – with an ice location, a five-player biplane and creative mode 


The developers have fixed performance problems on Xbox One and added the Explorer Express Tournament.

Epic Games introduced for Fortnite update 7.0, which launches the seventh season in the game.

The patch added an ice location – an iceberg, as well as areas of the Arctic airfield, the polar peak and a holiday village. The snow-covered areas were covered with an ice crust on which players begin to slide. For quick movement near the iceberg and outposts, ziplines appeared – you can aim, attack and use objects from them.

Also, a new type of transport was added to the game – the Petrel biplane, designed for one pilot and four passengers. The aircraft is equipped with a machine gun and is able to perform sharp turns like a “semi-barrels” and “barrels”.

The update also added a “creative mode” in which users will be able to freely build any facilities and create their own mini-games (even with combat modes). Owners of the “Battle Pass” have already got access to it, and the other participants will be able to play from December 13.

Also in Fortnite appeared another type of cosmetic items – wrappers that open beyond the levels of “Battle Pass.” They allow you to change the appearance of vehicles and weapons.

The update also touched upon the “Battle with the Storm” cooperative mode – the authors added new areas and the “Broadcast Valley, Part 3” task.

In addition, the developers improved performance on the Xbox One, launched the Explorer Express Tournament, optimized the game on the Switch, and fixed a number of bugs, including problems with the interface. A complete list of changes is available on the game website .

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