Schreier: Rocksteady’s next game is not about Superman 


And, it seems, not about the “League of Justice.”

In late November, the efforts of the Game System Requirments website and a number of media outlets that published news from an unreliable source spread the rumor that the next game from Rocksteady will be named Superman: World’s Finest.

However, in the next release of the Kotaku podcast, Jason Schreyer hurried to reject this information. The editor of the publication has once again declared that he knows what Rocksteady is doing, but he will not yet disclose this data “in order not to spoil the surprise.”

According to him, the studio makes the game not about Superman, but about a group of superheroes. In addition, Schreier once again confirmed that the project is based on the service model.

Well, if we cannot trust Game System Requirments, then who can we trust?

When the journalist was asked on Twitter if it was a question of the “League of Justice”, he rejected this version as well. In the podcast, he stressed that rumors about the next game Rocksteady appear every week, and basically this is “nonsense” that people take for the truth because of repeated repetitions.

If we assume that the options with the Justice League and Superman are excluded, the description of Schreier fits the rumor about the game called Arkham Universe, which appeared in early October , in which you can play not only for Batman, but for the whole “family” Nightwing, Betwum and Catwoman.

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