Russian unmanned car drove from St. Petersburg to Kazan


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The Russian research and production association StarLine conducted extensive tests of its own unmanned vehicle, made on the basis of the Skoda Superb.  , during the tests, the car almost completely autonomously traveled 2.5 thousand kilometers from St. Petersburg to Kazan. What kind of distance the car traveled offline is not specified. In all the cities that drove the car, the developers organized short test runs for everyone.

The unmanned car StarLine participates in the large-scale project Rosavtodor for testing autonomous cars on public roads. The project was named “Caravan”. The unmanned StarLine car has a third level of autonomy, that is, the car can independently drive along a given route, but the driver must always be at the wheel, ready to take control in a difficult situation. The car is equipped with stereo and mono cameras, radar, lidar, as well as inertial and GPS navigation systems.

The first tests of the unmanned StarLine car on public roads took place in the framework of the Caravan project in the spring of 2018. The car drove along the section of the federal highway A-290 Novorossiysk-Kerch, including the Crimean Bridge. During the test, the car accelerated to 40 kilometers per hour. The tests were successful. In addition to StarLine, KamAZ, NAMI, MADI, RIRT and Panorama participated in the tests.

During the extended tests, the StarLine unmanned vehicle traveled 2.5 thousand kilometers, with the vehicle speed reaching 80 kilometers per hour on the highway. On the way, the car also drove along dirt roads, considered to be a difficult area for unmanned vehicles due to the lack of road markings, clear road boundaries and surface heterogeneity. In the event that the car drove onto roads with no markings, the movement was provided by GPS coordinates and inertial navigation with reference to maps.

On roads and roads with good coverage, the present markings and road signs, the car drove only using cameras and radar. During the tests, recognized successful, the developers have identified several shortcomings in the work of the autopilot machine. In particular, in some parts of the route, the car had difficulty recognizing the boundaries of the road. Periodically, the autopilot “podtormazhival” because of the large amount of data received as you move. On short routes, this was not noticed before.

In June of the current year, an unmanned vehicle of the Yandex company drove offline from Moscow to Kazan . This car traveled 789 kilometers in 11 hours. According to the developers, 99 percent of the way the car drove in autopilot mode. Read more about this trip and how Yandex is developing its own unmanned vehicle in our article “Cautious Driver”.

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