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Zuckerberg ordered Facebook employees to switch to Android smartphones

Mark Zuckerberg issued a decree according to which Facebook employees in management positions shoulduse only Android-smartphones. One of the possible reasons that pushed the company’s top manager to impose a ban on Apple mobile phones, allegedly could be a long-standing interview with Tim Cook, which he gave to CNBC in the first half of the year.

In it, Cook criticized the popular social network, as it is too actively implemented in the privacy of the user, taking advantage of the information received. The head of Apple stressed that his company would never be involved in a scandal similar to the one that broke out because of the relationship between Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.

At the same time, the Android platform dominates the mobile device market, noticeably ahead of iOS in many regions outside the US. For this reason, some other technology companies have similar rules. They allow to avoid “blind spots” when developing applications for mobile platforms.


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