Valve paid the hacker $ 20,000 for the “hole”, which allowed to take the game Steam for free

The previously detected Steam platform bug made it possible to get games for free using the generated keys. To obtain the keys, it was necessary to have access to the tools of the platform developer, however, codes were generated for any games placed on the site. The vulnerability was discovered by software engineer Artem Moskovsky.

The expertise conducted by Steam did not find any signs that someone managed to use a hole in the system, which was a good sign for Valve: according to Moskovsky, he was able to generate 36 thousand keys for Portal 2. If he were Robin Hood, the keys could Be publicly available or inexpensively sold.

Valve decided to encourage the “hunter for vulnerabilities” and paid him $ 20 thousand – enough for all Steam games to be considered “free.” In addition, last July, he earned another $ 25 thousand on another vulnerability in Valve systems.


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