Media: Hulu Service Films George Martin’s Fantastic Cycle “Wild Cards”

Online cinema will remove two TV series at once on the book universe.

Streaming service Hulu hired a team of screenwriters to create two TV series for George Martin’s Wild Cards series. Executive producers have been appointed by Andrew Miller (canceled pilot “Tremors” ) and Vins Gerargis (“Game of Thrones”). Writer Melinda Snodgrass, editor of Martin’s books and co-author of Wild Cards will oversee the work of the scriptwriters. Production of the show will be engaged in the studio Universal Cable Productions (“Star Cruiser” Galaxy “”).

“Wild cards” is a science fiction cycle with elements of superhero, which began to be published in 1986. According to the story, in 1946 an unknown virus was sprayed over Manhattan, killing 90% of all infected. The survivors were disfigured, but some acquired supernatural abilities. The virus itself was called the “Wild Card”. It is passed on from generation to generation and is activated only under strong stress of the carrier – then the victim either mutates strongly or gains inhuman strength.

And although George Martin is considered the author of the cycle, this is not entirely true. Each book is a collection of stories (mosaic novel) in a single universe. Several writers worked on them at once, among them quite famous ones, like Roger Zelazny. Martin acts as compiler and editor of collections. For more than 30 years of the cycle existence over a single universe, about 40 writers have become co-authors. A total of 22 books were published, the last of which – Texas Hold’Em and Low Chicago – were published in 2018.

Date of the premiere of the series is still unknown.

On December 2, Syfy will start a sci-fi series based on another work by Martin – the story “Flying in the Night”. And in April, the final season of the Game of Thrones starts .


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