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The chief editor of “Medusa” resigned

On November 9, the chief editor and founder of Medusa, Ivan Kolpakov, resignedin order to “stop the crisis around the editorial board and minimize reputational damage.” His post will be Tatiana Ershova, who held the position of managing editor.

Ivan Kolpakov
Ivan Kolpakov

Kolpakov was accused of harassment of the wife of one of the employees, who later quit. On October 23, the management of the publication dismissed Kolpakov from work as editor-in-chief, and on November 6 he reinstated the position, calling the situation a “one-time incident.” Facebook users did not like the decision – they accused the publication of covering up harassment and brought down an estimate of the Medusa page to 3.7 out of 5 points.

The threshold for unlimited import of goods by car or train reduced to 500 euros

The Eurasian Economic Commission, which includes Russia, has decided to limit the threshold for duty-free importation of personal goods by road to 500 euros from the beginning of 2019. Air transport new limits do not apply.

If the weight of goods is more than 25 kg or 500 euros, the person must pay a fee of 30% of the amount and at least 4 euros for each extra kilogram of weight. The new rules are aimed at combating the shuttles – they will make it unprofitable to transport a wholesale batch of goods across the border, says Boxberry director Marat Artuganov.

Samsung showed a prototype smartphone with a flexible screen

November 7 at a conference for developers, the company showed a smartphone with a flexible display technology Infinity Flex. In the expanded state, the screen diagonal is 7.3 inches. According to Samsung, the mass production of flexible displays will begin in the “coming months.”

Simultaneously with the presentation, Samsung hosted the Android Dev conference, where Google announced support for folding devices. Dave Burk, vice president of Google for Android development, said that Samsung was the first partner, and the commercial version of the smartphone from the Korean company will be released in 2019.

Medvedev signed the rules for identifying users of instant messengers by phone number

In May 2019, new rules will come into force – messengers will have to request data about the presence of the subscriber from the operator. The operator is given 20 minutes to respond. If the number could not be verified – the user is logged out.

If the subscriber number is found in the database of the operator, the subscriber identification code and the name of the messenger that he used is saved. Users who are not authenticated must be blocked.

Bill Gates presented a draft of a toilet without water to solve the problem of unsanitary conditions.

At the Chinese forum Reinvented Toilet Expo, Microsoft co-founder introduced the toilet, which does not require connection to the sewage system, and the waste in it is burned and processed into fertilizer using chemicals.


Gates said that due to poor sanitation, 500,000 children die annually, and additional spending on sanitation issues exceed $ 230 billion. Waterless toilet is one of the research projects of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in which the foundation invested about $ 200 million. the destruction of harmful bacteria and the prevention of dangerous diseases.

The fund is ready to spend about $ 200 more to bring toilets to the market, which, according to Gates, will be valued at $ 6 billion by 2030.


Interview with the founder of the company Splat Yevgeny Dyomin

Until 2001, Splat was producing dietary supplements based on vodosley. Then the company was bought by former employee Evgeny Dyomin. He dreamed of creating his own product and, with the help of scientists from Moscow State University, developed a formula for toothpaste, set up production and refused to manufacture dietary supplements in Splat.

In an interview, Eugene talked about how Splat products are being tested, why not invest in advertising on TV, strategies for raising and lowering employees and how much toothpaste production costs.

Site “on the knee”

Web developer Vyacheslav Grimalsky wrote about how freehand illustrations can compete with classic design of landing pages. He said that he was tired of template sites, in one of the projects he drew all the illustrations on his knee, and then suggested to the designer to compete in how many people will receive leads.

Monologue of the Russian designer of business management Notion

Former art director Medusa Sergey Surganov dreamed of working in San Francisco. He learned about the Notion office tool, met the CEO and got a job as a product designer.

Sergey’s monologue about moving, developing service, approaches to work, Chinese clones and similarities of Moscow and San Francisco.

How is the business of a shark reseller from IKEA

In the autumn, the popularity of the plush shark from IKEA sharply grew in Russia, which was immediately used by the second-hand dealers. The Village edition talked to one of the resale toy business representatives.

Seller Alexander told about the fights in the queues for the new shark lot, how much the competitors earn and he himself, how he is going to monopolize the “shark market” and what he will do when the demand is over.

Anonymous bookmaker about domestic kitchen offices

An anonymous story of the designer, who moved to Europe and opened a bookmaker, about what the bookmaker’s internal kitchen looks like. He explains how companies get a license, for which the majority of Russian offices continue to work illegally in the .com zone and why winning customers guarantee success in the market.

Separately, the designer involves fraud – why illegal offices are cheating customers and how to get rid of particularly successful winners.


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