Players celebrated the centenary of the end of the First World War by stopping shooting in Battlefield 1 

But one pilot decided to take advantage of this and shoot the frags.

November 11 is considered the official date of the end of the First World War – on this day Germany concluded an armistice with the Entente. Since then Armistice Day has been considered a national holiday in many countries, including France and Belgium.

Players in Battlefield 1 decided to mark the centenary of the memorable date and temporarily stopped shooting in the game.

Original clip with sound available on Reddit

As can be seen from the video, not all users wanted to arrange a temporary truce – the pilot attacked players who were quietly standing on the beach, after which the battle resumed.

However, the action itself, in the opinion of Reddit users, was still impressive.

Wow, I would not have believed that this could happen in an online game if I had not seen it myself. This clever plane can go ***** [far].


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