Media: the first day patch for Fallout 76 “weighs” more than the game itself 


It seems that it is not worth buying on the disk.

According to the portal USGamer, the game Bethesda version 1.00 takes about 45 gigabytes of HDD.

However, users who buy games on discs because of the slow Internet seem to have no reason to go to the store for a box with Fallout 76. According to USGamer and PlayStation Universe , the first day patch that updates Bethesda shooter to version 1.01 weighs over 50 GB – in fact, the whole game will have to be re-downloaded.

At the same time, the problem will not affect those who purchased Fallout 76 in the “digit” – they will immediately download the current version.

Previously, Fallout 76 beta users also had to download an additional 50 GB, but for another reason – the launcher could accidentally delete all files.


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