The value of shares of Activision Blizzard fell after lowering forecasts for the fourth quarter 


Autumn releases of the company were worse than expected.

During the debriefing of the quarter, representatives of the publisher stated that Destiny 2: Forsaken, created taking into account the interests of hardcore fans of the franchise, did not meet financial expectations.

According to Kotaku editor Jason Schreier, this may once again force Bungie to adapt Destiny to a wider audience, as the studio tried to do in Vanilla Destiny 2.

In early November, Activision Blizzard arranged a two-week free distribution of Destiny 2 on a PC to “reactivate users” who did not buy the game and waited for the right moment to return to the franchise. In the summer, the game went to PS Plus subscribers. According to Schreier, such distributions speak of weak sales.

As part of the report, it also became known that the monthly number of active users in ActiBlizz games for the quarter fell from 352 to 345 million.


The company has justified forecasts for the past quarter, but lowered its expectations for revenue for the next – from $ 3.06 billion (profit of $ 1.34 per share) to $ 3.05 billion (profit of $ 1.03 per share).

Analysts believe that the decline in forecast can be associated not only with Destiny 2: Forsaken, but also with sales of Black Ops 4, which did not meet the expectations of the publisher, although the game brought $ 500 million in revenue in three days.

As a result of the financial report, the value of the shares of the publishing house temporarily fell by 10%, but then won back a few points.


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