The silent age – only the janitor will save the world!


The silent age is a point-and-click puzzle game developed by the Danish studio House on fire, and the publisher was Meredian4. She came out on Steam May 29, 2015


Showing the different periods of the life of the main character Joe, the game begins. The protagonist is a janitor, and for some reason the chief called him to him. It turns out that the manager decided to “raise” Joe in the position, giving him the job of another janitor, but they would not pay him extra. Having gone to fulfill his duties, the hero finds the dying old man, who gives the time machine to the protagonist and asks him to find him when he is alive. Joe, thinking that the dying person is most likely delirious from blood loss, calls for help, but people come who detain Joe.

In the plot, the hero accidentally activates a time machine, moving into a future in which all life is destroyed. And now, seeing all the horrors that are happening there, Joe goes on a journey to the old man to save the future !!!


The main character has an inventory in which items fall. No combination. The game is logical, and quite vital puzzles. To make the knife sharper, it is sharpened, to grow an apple tree, you need to plant a seed. These and other puzzles allow you to use your knowledge to calmly solve them.

To get to the ax, you must first extinguish the fire.

Time travel

Movement in time is one of the main features of the game. In the gameplay plan – this feature allows you to find various objects and loopholes. If the passage in the past is closed, then in the future it will be open, if there is no apple in the past, then it can be found in the future. And of course the movement in time moves the main plot. If in the past all life “boils”, there are many people, in the future there is no “single soul”, and in places everywhere are overgrown.


The silent age is a game in which the idea of ​​time travel is well implemented, as well as simple and logical puzzles. As you progress through the plot becomes more interesting and ends with an unexpected ending.

Next will be the spoilers associated with the plot.

The game is perfectly respected the laws of time. Here and twice shot down the old man, who just the same Joe and shot, and the moment when you need to hide, so as not to meet a copy of himself.

The virus, because of which it was necessary to stop the villains, brought to the present protagonist.That he was the source of infection. So Joe had to freeze himself in order for humanity to survive.
After a long sleep, we see 2 other people who were also in cryocapsules. However, they managed to lose their mind, but the main character did not. After leaving the room, he meets a doctor who explains everything to him.
In the end, we see how Joe adapts to the future, which has survived thanks to him!

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