Distraint – is it right to make money on someone else’s misfortune?


Distraint is a pixel indie horror released on October 21, 2015 by independent developer Yasse Makkonen.


The plot is based on a story about a young collector who wants to become a partner of the company for which he works. However, for this you need to kill a few more lives. But can the main character achieve the goal and not “lose himself”? ?


In the game, the main character has an inventory in which there are 3 slots. There is no combination here, and each item that a player selects can only be used once and for one target. There are also different puzzles, which are given below.

Finding the word “TREE”, you get the combination you need!
Need to find the right combination. Each correct tap is projected in green, the wrong one in red.


The game has a very creepy atmosphere that does not allow the player to relax, forcing him to frantically walk around the locations. However, when a gamer gets used to it, the game may suddenly give him a screamer, from which the heart “goes to the heels.”

When an elephant suddenly runs up to the player, he in a panic tries to escape from the misfortune.
A very nasty sound can lead to goosebumps.

There are ordinary people who do not stand out, but later you can see how they do terrible things.

The main character

The main character is a collector who should confiscate housing from debtors. Because of this, he is tormented by nightmares.

The conscience of the hero is very well shown in the game. Her role is played by the deceased parents of the protagonist, who do not want their son to profit from other people. However, the son wants to achieve better in life and still can not quit work.

It is this struggle of compassion and the desire to achieve everything at the expense of the misery of others that will last throughout the game. The agony of the protagonist shows that he is not so bad, thereby forcing the player to penetrate the protagonist.


There is a variety of music in the game: there is an eerie that scares the player even more, calm, which gives the player a little rest and relax, and there is also a blues melody.


Distraint is a great horror telling an interesting story, while raising important human issues. The game has great music, logical puzzles and an unexpected ending.

Next will be the spoilers associated with the plot.

Everything that happened before this was the story of the main character to the collector. The protagonist still refused to work, but not when he was going, but only after 2 years, because then he was finally announced as a partner of the company. The main character asks to take into account his mistakes of the listener, because he “goes the same way.” However, the collector is a copy of the protagonist at the beginning of the game, so he does not listen to him, asks him to fulfill his duties and leaves.
The main character, seeing his sad position, decides to commit suicide, before writing a note. It says, “What you sow, you reap. It’s all gone!”
Nothing like? This is the very room in which the main character died. With him the same note. It turns out the fate of the protagonist was solved from the very beginning.

The author wanted to convey in his game that people should be more human, capable of compassion for others. You can not profit from another misfortune, otherwise you will cease to be a man and you can lose everything!

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