Destiny 2 Game Director: “We’re not disappointed in Forsaken” 


Luke Smith tried to reassure the fans.

On November 9, during a quarterly report for investors, Activision Blizzard representatives said that the addition of Forsaken to Destiny 2 “did not meet expectations.”

After that, the media suggested that the Bungie bet on hardcore players did not work, and the company would return to serving the interests of a more casual audience.

After a day, Destiny 2’s game director Luke Smith tried to dispel these suspicions.

We are not disappointed in Forsaken. We intended to make a game that players like Destiny would like, and we like it in Bungie too. Creating Destiny for players who love it is our main goal now and in the future.
As noted by Jason Schreier of Kotaku, the disagreement between Activision and Bungie about the development of the series appeared before the release of the first part. The journalist talked closely with dozens of Bungie employees while working on the book Blood, Sweat and Pixels – one of its chapters talks about the creation of Destiny.


The tension between Bungie and Activision existed even before the first Destiny went on sale. While Bungie (wisely) puts hardcore players above all, and Activision is unhappy with sales, I’m wondering how these relationships will develop and how this will affect the future of Destiny.

In early November, Activision arranged a two-week free distribution of Destiny 2 on a PC. In addition, the Forsaken supplement is already on sale with big discounts.

November 9, Activision Blizzard shares plummeted in value after the company lowered its forecast for the next quarter. The number of active users in her games fell.


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