Death Claw in full growth and a wall of donuts – photos from the Fallout 76 press show 

The embargo on the publication of gameplay will fall on October 8.

In late September, Bethesda held a closed show of Fallout 76 for the press. The embargo on materials from the event will subside on October 8 at 17:00 Moscow time, but journalists have already shared some of the details of the event and photos.

The event took place at the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia. The same location is in Fallout 76. According to the plot of the game, in this building the US government has located one of the bunkers. Bethesda graced the interior of the hotel with the attributes of the Fallout world and generally tried to reproduce the atmosphere of the game.

The journalists were given three hours to play the full version of Fallout 76. RPG was shown on Xbox One X in 4K resolution. The visitors were divided into groups of four: three employees of the media and one developer in each.

Apparently, on October 8, a number of Fallout 76 gameplay clips will appear on the network. The developers didn’t limit the press and even allowed to publish videos with bugs.


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