Brian Fargo: “I know who makes Baldur’s Gate 3”


Apparently, Divinity authors are engaged in the game, but there is no official confirmation yet.
Update In a conversation with the Wccftech portal, Larian developers denyinformation about Baldur’s Gate 3. They announce Project Gustav when “the time comes”.

In late September, a forum user RPGCodex reported that Larian is working on Baldur’s Gate 3. According to him, he learned this from his new colleague, who recently retired from the studio that created Divinity: Original Sin.

This statement would have remained a dubious rumor if the famous game designer Brian Fargo didn’t say on his October 5 tweet that he knows who is working on BG3, thereby confirming the existence of the project, but not linking a specific studio to it.

Two days earlier, Larian CEO Sven Winke confirmed that the studio was already working on the next game, codenamed Project Gustav. According to him, it includes everything that the studio was “looking for a long time,” including both the narrative part and multiplayer.

Baldur’s Gate is a series of role-playing games developed by BioWare. The first part was released in 1998, but the franchise was maintained until 2016, when the Baldur’s Gate supplement was released: Siege of Dragonspear.

Studio Larian is primarily known for the Divinity series. In 2017, she released the critically acclaimed Original Sin 2, and in 2018 she ported it to the console. For Baldur’s Gate 3, it would be a logical expansion of the portfolio.


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