How was Coalchella – the first major music festival in Minecraft


Memes, DJs and technical difficulties.

On September 23, a dedicated Coalchella festival was held on a dedicated Minecraft server, which was attended by dozens of well-known and not very e-dancers. We restore what happened according to the reports and reactions of visitors and artists.

Coalchella has organized a small team of friends from the state of New York. Previously, they had already held a small birthday party in Minecraft, which was also played by DJs. This time the company decided to do something big and invited a few dozen artists – among them was, for example, the chiptune group Anamanaguchi, who wrote the soundtrack for the game Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

The organizers settled the server together with the community. The players built two big scenes called REDBLOCKS and BEDROCKS and decorated them with objects like a huge bottle of vodka, a dirigible and a ferris wheel. In special galleries they staged a “exhibition” of memoirs.

The PR-company (most likely, free) festival was attended by performing musicians and even Chandler Rigs – the Star of the Walking Dead.

Fifteen minutes before the start of the first set, the server turned on, and a flood of participants rushed at him. It soon became apparent that the site was not coping with the load: about two thousand people tried to go to the server at the same time.

In the end, the organizers have limited the number of players on the server, and he stopped “falling.” Nevertheless, the ping remained high, and for those who still got on Coalchella, what was happening looked like a slide show. Fortunately, it had no effect on the music – it was broadcast through a separate streaming service.

Since there were a lot of artists, each set lasted only twenty minutes. The joys of the participants did not interfere: they jumped to the beat of the music and discussed the tracks in chat rooms. In the midst of fun at Coalchella, someone even looked under the nickname Notch (the same pseudonym for the creator of Minecraft, Marcus Persson) – he said “well and sucks, lol” and left. Persson then explained that it was an impostor.

A few hours after the start, the organizers restarted the server, dividing it into several “mirrors”. This led to the fact that on some copies of the server there were very few people, and the feeling of a real concert was lost. And those who wanted to look at the character of the musician, had to blindly search for the “mirror” on which he was.

About three o’clock in the night Coalchella ended. About 2600 participants attended it, and about 27 thousand people listened to the music broadcast. There is no official “photo report” yet, but there is a playlist with all the sets of the festival on Soundcloud and a lot of videos and screenshots in social networks.

Despite the technical problems, the organizers believe that the event was a success. As they claim, Coalchella is just the beginning. Music festivals in games will occur more and more, and become larger. At least, because it is much cheaper than traveling to real concerts.


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