The American researcher accused the Russian “trolls” of forming a negative opinion about “The Last Jedi” 

He claims that half of the negative feedback about the movie on Twitter was political.

The network has a study of a member of the University of Southern California named Morten Bay, devoted to political propaganda and the formation of public opinion regarding the eighth episode of the Star Wars. He presented the work entitled “Arming the haters:” The Last Jedi “and the strategic politicization of pop culture through manipulation in social networks.”

He concluded that 21.9% of all reviews of the Ryan Johnson film were negative. Of these, 50.9% were political in nature or were written by bots. According to Bay, some of the users who left negative reviews were “Russian trolls.”

The researcher concluded that it was “an intentional political influence disguised as an opinion of the fans.” Thus, the interested party wanted to bring “discord and disrupt the functioning of American society.” Bay believes that such goals are pursued by the alternative right and the Russian Federation.

According to the described research method, after primary processing, Bay has 967 tweets left. To reduce the amount of posts, he looked only for messages addressed directly to the director Ryan Johnson.

The researcher divided the negative reviews into three groups: “political agitation”, “trolls / bots”, “disgruntled fans” (fantagonists). Twitter users were categorized manually by browsing and viewing each account.

To identify the bots, the author used a tool from the Indiana Research Institute. Bay wrote that he sent authors negative reviews to the “Russian trolls” category only after “additional detailed study.”

The researcher noted that due to modern tools of cyber-terrorists it is impossible to determine exactly who controls the bots. At the same time, according to Bay, with a “high degree of probability”, real bots and “trolls” fell into the category of bots.


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