The authors of Sniper Ghost Warrior presented the following part with the subtitled Contracts


The developers abandoned the open world and focused on compact levels.

Studio CI Games announced work on the next part of the series Sniper Ghost Warrior with the subtitle Contracts. Unlike the previous title, the game will not have an open world. In the single-player campaign, gamers will alternately perform specific mission-contracts.

Each of these contracts contains primary and secondary objectives. For the fulfillment of the main task, the protagonist will receive money and move along the plot, and for the destruction of the secondary goal – a new outfit.

The place of action will be Siberia. Wild nature, according to the authors, will play a role in each of the missions. In CI Games, they noted that the levels were developed on the basis of the terms of the contracts, and after completing the task, it will be possible to replay with the new conditions.


The developers admitted that they devoted too much energy to the open world of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, but the result was worse than expected. In Contracts, they focused on the gameplay and different ways of passing missions. This has improved the tactical component of the sniper shooter.

In addition, the staff of CI Games said that the game will be multiplayer modes. What exactly are the online components of the developers have not explained.

Release of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is scheduled for 2019. The game is developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Contracts are based on a more optimized engine, which has achieved a consistently high frame rate and reduced load times.


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