The bug on the “tropical” map PUBG allows you to ambush underground


How to get a bullet from a stealth person.

Slightly more than a week after the third map appeared on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Sanhok tropical island – online shooter fans found a serious bug on it.

It allows the player to literally hide under the textures of the earth, setting an ambush for other players.

This can be done only in one place on the map – next to the building in Na Kham. Outside the house there is an earthen mound, through which the character model passes. Anyone who lies in this place will not only be completely invisible to opponents, but also be able to shoot at them directly from the ground.

Since this place is located on the very edge of the map, it’s likely that there will be no other players to watch here until the end of the match. However, to become a victim of such a trap would be insulting to anyone.


A YouTube user with the nickname niKlaS, who was one of the first to notice the bug, says that he used the “ambush” only in three games, and he is trying to play fair.

It seems that this is not the only mistake that developers have to correct. Many buyers of the “combat pass” complained about the difficulties with the game – some tasks in it turned out to be too difficult, and some achievements were not counted towards users.


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