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Reddit users involved in transplanting individuals made it to the heroes of The Witcher


Such experiments may soon become illegal.

The phenomenon of FakeApp, which allows using neural networks to transfer the face of one person to a video with another, does not slow down. Reddit is actively developing the r / deepfakes community , where users continue to experiment with technology.

Of course, most of the content published in DeepFakes refers to “porn with celebrities”, but recently the reddittors have started playing games.

As PC Gamer notes , it is not at all surprising that users began their experiments with the heroes of The Witcher 3. Their faces in the game are made with realistic proportions and are well detailed, so they are simply transferred to video without losing realism.

Thus, porn appeared on the network with Jennifer – more precisely, with a dark-haired actress who “transplanted” the sorceress’s face.

In the case of Triss, the redditors went even further – they used a video clip where the actress herself portrays Merigold.

Journalist PC Gamer, who made this discovery, after several jokes about these commercials, drew attention to the serious side of the issue. He noted that in the long run such videos may become a way to humiliate and insult people.

Just consider and administration messenger Discord, recently banned community dedicated DeepFakes. She equated such experiments with “pornost” – the publication of pornographic content without the consent of the people shot in it (the work of neural networks in this case equates to shooting).

Pornography without consent causes instant blocking of servers as soon as we discover them, as well as permanent blocking of users. We studied these servers and immediately closed them.Discord representative

However, when the pornographic version of DeepFakes starts to block everywhere (and this is inevitable), the technology is unlikely to disappear. She has at least one excellent legal application


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