ASRock’s Ultra Quad M.2 Card beats the ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Riser card from every aspect

After successful high-end chipsets, ASRock has now introduced the Ultra Quad M.2 Card which would basically, be an add-on card for setting up an M.2 NVMe RAID array with up to four drives with 32 Gbps bandwidth for each drive. If your mind is pointing towards the ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Riser card, this is actually a better option.

Why is ASRock Better Than ASUS?

The most impressive part of the ASRock’s M.2 card is that unlike ASUS’ card, which could only support up to M.2-2280, this one can support M.2-22110 drives (110 mm-long). Speaking of the thermal capabilities, the ASRock card comes with a larger 50 mm fan to beat the 40 mm fan of the ASUS card. Also, the 110 mm thermal pads are longer than the 80 mm pads of ASUS.

Moreover, the shorter traces of the Quad M.2 give it an added advantage over the ASUS card. ASUS’ M.2 slots are arranged horizontally which makes it difficult to reach the topmost slot as it is the farthest away from the PCI-Express interface. ASRock’s card has found a solution to this problem by arranging the slots diagonally. In this way, every slot is approachable to the PCIe bus hence making it better than ASUS card.

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Enjoy the NVMe RAID compatibility of the card for both Intel X299 and AMD X399 platforms in just USD $69.99.


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