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Dog still high from the vet has the greatest face in history.

No one likes it when their dog has to have surgery, even if it’s nothing too serious. We worry about our pet going under anaesthesia and the vet bill will probably be exorbitant. But one good thing that comes from dogs having surgery is how ridiculously high they are afterwards. Their faces and the way they act make it all almost worth it (almost).A Redditor using the handle Schmerbert posted a picture of his canine buddy, along with the caption, “Wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he’s ‘still under the influence.'” Yes, I’d say that’s definitely the case.

This dog is no doubt tripping the light fantastic. This dog is so high he’s probably in orbit. And now I can’t breathe from laughing at this picture so much.The comments on the post were pretty funny, too.

Feel better soon, doggie. But please, please, never stop making that face.



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