Aaron Greenberg: Xbox has many unannounced games in development that people haven’t heard about yet 

XB1X is releasing this holiday season 7th of November to be exact and it’s looking to be a great hardware, it’s very capable machine, it’ll run all the multi-platform games better. And if you want a very powerful console and you don’t really want to play on PC well XB1X is there for you.

But as with every gaming device, great console needs great games or to make the console great it also needs great games. We already know that third-party developers will take advantage of XB1X but that’s the first-party games usually takes a full advantage of the Xbox One hardware.

For instance look at Gears of War, Halo, Forza series; these are the titles that actually took a full advantage of Xbox One, these were very well made, very great-looking games on not necessarily so powerful Xbox One. And the same will apply on Xbox One X. Forza 7 will take full advantage of it, Future Gears and even Gears of War will take a proper advantage of the hardware. Both Forza Horizon 3, Halo Wars 2 will be patch as well so, these are first party titles that will take advantage of the Xbox One X.

However it’s not enough we need more and we all know that Microsoft doesn’t have too many first-party studios but according to Aaron Greenberg these first-party studios are working on some new things right now that we have not heard about yet. So, we can assure that at some point we’ll see another Forza Motorsport, another Forza Horizon, another Gears of War, another Halo. All these studios are going to be working on the sequel but Aaron Greenberg just confirmed that they will be working on some new games as well.

Here’s what Aaron Greenberg said on an interview with Rocket Beans TV at Gamescom.


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