Rumor: Tidux claims PlayStation 5 maybe announced next year at E3 and then released a year later

According to the latest Rumors PlayStation 5 is supposed to be announced at E3 2018 and probably even released by late 2019. Tidux on Twitter, he’s a user on Twitter that leaks information, he’s also tight into PlayStation news. According to him there’s three rumors floating around the internet right now that talks about PS5, PlayStation NOW and the Exclusive PlayStation Robotech game. Let’s start with the PlayStation and Level 5.

Level 5 is known for working for Sony and Square Enix, they have been making all kinds of exclusives games. Tidux actually talks about the new PlayStation exclusive in the Robotic Genre.

Another thing Tidux claims that PlayStation will be released worldwide and the part of the new PlayStation plus plan and that’s actually something interesting because right now PlayStation Now doesn’t have too much attraction.

If you want to play PS3 and PS4 games on your PC or on your PS4, you have to subscribe to the service. It is a bit pricey although there’s a lot of games.

According to Tidux PlayStation 5 maybe actually announced next year at E3 and then released a year later which would be 2019.


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