Quantum Computers coming to general masses – IBM announces 2 of its most powerful Quantum computers ever produced

IBM has announced 2 of its quantum computers which the company claims to be the most powerful ones. This is all the part of IBM’s plan to start the production of its commercial quantum computers, better known as “IBM Q systems.”

What’s New In These Systems

After listening to the term Quantum computers, we automatically start thinking of the future of computer industry and that’s absolutely right. The all new 16 and 17 quantum bits (qubits) computers have improved a lot as compared to the previous 5 qubit processor. The new processor has already started delivering its results by solving the problems that were considered complex in classical computer systems.

Best Possible Use Of Q Systems

It may be too early to talk about their applications but the clues show that these computers will solve issues that are not even discovered yet. Fields like artificial intelligence, financial services, pharmaceuticals, and logistics have a vast potential to be explored and that would require a system like what IBM is making.

IBM’s Plans For The Future

IBM wants to involve more and more people in the discovery of this field and the company has firm plans to push the systems to 50 qubits which is really a huge figure. For the present systems, the company has provided a primer on the basics, as well as a beginner’s guide on the subject.

This brings us to the fact that IBM wants to bring down the technology to common masses, which only used to be the property of research facilities and government research centers in the past.



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