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Content Owners Can Now Earn From Their Stolen Videos On Facebook; Pirated Videos Can Be Blocked Automatically

Facebook recently updated “claim and earn” for creators just like as YouTube. We all know that many pirated videos especially stolen from YouTube or any other Social site goes viral on Facebook’s pages. But now Copyright Infringement will apply on videos uploading in Facebook pages, this means that the video owner or creator is now able to claim his content using in particular pages, In this way the revenues generated from the respective claimed video will jump into the account of claimers if he has a proof of a creator.

On previous Thursday the giant Social media site announced the changes made in its Manager System, the announcement revealed that the business page owners can now opt out auto claim on copyright content and even they can block the video content.

The related system was launched a year ago in which the the page admin has option to report copyright or put it into the white list to take permission from the owners to use the footage, this only allows the admin to take several actions.

But from the latest update if any duplicate content found on the page, the respective page owner can directly take actions just skipping the review process, quite hot news for video creators. The page admin can entirely block the copyright video.

Although this feature is already roll out for some users but it will be available soon in next couple of months for whole public.

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