Relax: Weeping Angle Hack Has Limitations; The CIA Spy Tool Could Possibly Infect F-Series Samsung Smart TVs Only

It has been confirmed that CIA Tool Weeping Angle Hack has limitations. The documents WikiLeaks published in March, revealed the hackers could use the said CIA tool that for the purpose of breaking into any Samsung Smart TV; though with one condition; it could possibly ‘Infect’ F-Series Samsung Smart TV models only.

Known for unveiling and publishing leaked ‘Secret’ information of all kinds from anonymous sources, WikiLeaks leaked another set of secret CIA documents about the above mentioned Spy Tool, dubbing it “Weeping Angel.”

Among the leaked documents was a complete “User Manual” about the subject tool, telling us whether how easy it would have been for a CIA Agent to use the tool; and turn a selected ‘F-Series’ Samsung Smart television into a “Live Microphone.”

Once they got access the selected, rather targeted TV’s “System Time Settings,” the agents would find it fairly easy to use the live microphone of the television; they could even adjust further changes for the purpose of high-quality video or audio recordings.

Reports suggest that when it came to know about the release of weeping angle hack for the first time, Samsung had ensured a ‘rapid action’ to take up the matter; though it remains unclear whether how capable the company’s security patches are; for providing protection against the hack.

The new data, however, confirms that the hack in question certainly has limitations and as mentioned above, this particular version not only is limited to Samsung’s F-Series TVs; the USB drive can only be “installed to the targeted device” in person. To simplify it further, weeping angle hack doesn’t serve the purpose of ‘mass surveillance.’

Further, it is not necessary that every set of Samsung F-Series Model TVs has been infected.

But then again, as there are intelligence agencies, other than CIA, also benefiting from the exploit it makes it harder to believe that the broader implications could be completely dismissed. In other words, we can’t be absolutely sure; whether our TV is Not Vulnerable!!!


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