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Fappening 2.0 Presents More Nude Miley Cyrus Images; Alongside Photos Of Rosario Dawson, Kate Hudson And Suki Waterhouse; Of Course Wearing Nothing

Call it ‘sexual harassment’ or give it any other name, the Fappening 2.0 team won’t listen to you. These iCloud hackers won’t stop compromising the privacy of celebrities; and won’t stop publishing the leaked nude stuff either. In the next episode, the site comes up with more Nude Miley Cyrus Images; alongside photos of Rosario Dawson, Kate Hudson and Suki Waterhouse.

After a pause of say few weeks, the hackers have returned with more nude stuff, this time victimizing the above listed American celebrities by publishing their leaked private photos and videos public.

The nude photos of the latest victims have once again surfaced on a notorious website, already known for broadcasting purely private and nude pictures of celebrities from all walks of life, which is definitely a highly unethical practice; that needs to be stopped by all means.

The latest wave of explicit photos didn’t only involve Miley and the three other American actresses but the new set of celebrity victims also includes more famous personalities such as Alison Brie and Sophie Turner; allegedly “performing” in an explicit video clip!

As far as Nude Miley Cyrus Images are concerned, this is not for the first time that her fans have seen her wearing NOTHING. Her private images had first surfaced on-line back in April 2008 but there’s a HUGE difference between the then traditional beautiful teen and today’s ‘Grownup’ Miley; who has earned herself a more ‘sexualized’ image lately.

Now whoever is behind, one thing is pretty clear that these hackers have no respect for women neither they value their ‘privacy’ at all so all one would conclude is that mere few weeks of silence did not mean the “danger is over.” Apparently, the Fappening hackers do not seem “short of stock” as yet nor they ever would, therefore; just no one knows who’s NEXT!!!


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