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Arrest Of Russian Spam King: Pyotr Levashov Had “Connection” With 2016 US Presidential Election; Suggest Russian Media Reports

On April 7, 2017 the Spanish authorities had arrested Pyotr Levashov, the famous Russian Spam King. The arrest was carried out on “International Computer Crime” warrant; issued by the US government. Initially, the Department of Justice had claimed “it doesn’t relate to (any) national security issues” but the media reports coming from the hacker’s country, however, suggest; Levashov had”connection” with 2016 US Presidential Elections.

The St Petersburg resident was enjoying vacations in Barcelona along with his wife when the Spanish authorities took him in custody; after bursting into the couple’s rented apartment at mid-night. While talking to the Russian media, Maria Levashov claimed that it was right in the middle of the night when Spanish police raided their apartment, arrested Pyotr Levashov; while the entire electronic devices were immediately confiscated too.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin makes his annual New Year.

If the reports of “Kommersant Newspaper” are to be trusted, “Maria was told by her husband that the warrant the Spanish Police had; was linked to Trump’s Presidential Election Victory.”

“I asked the officials whether they had an order or some likewise paperwork,” said Maria, adding “but I was told the same were showed to my husband. While in police station, I spoke to my husband and he told me he was shown some papers in Spanish. He said that though very low-res, but one document had an image of him.”

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Maria continued to tell that the document(s) were related to a ‘virus’ that police alleged Pyotr Levashov to have created; having ‘something to do’ with Trump’s winning the presidential elections.”

There’s still no word on the Russian hacker’s extradition although as per Spanish National Court’s spokesperson; the Russian Embassy was immediately notified about Levashov’s arrest, by the Spanish authorities.

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According to a blog on cybersecurity, the ‘stories’ related to Levashov strongly recommend that he appears to be the one; using hacker moniker “Peter Severa.” The blog further writes that “Severa” allegedly played a pivotal figure in countless cyber crime forums, being the ‘moderator’ for the spam subsection of more than one on-line communities.

“His role was to serve as the ‘virtual key player’ to connect virus writers and huge spam networks; with some being allegedly created by Severa; and sold to various platforms.

Under the prevailing situation, it seems that Obama administration had reasons to accuse Russia; of attempting to ‘influence’ the November 2016 election outcome; way ahead of the vote.

Both Vladimir Putin and Trump Camp denied the accusations though the country’s intelligence agencies strongly believe that Russia’s involvement in swaying the election outcome in Donald Trump’s favor is an “undeniable fact.”

Whether it was Pyotr Levashov or some other hacker, both the Democratic National Committee’s servers and email data of campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton; were compromised and broken into anyway.


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