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“My heroine has no personality”


According to Scarlett Johansson, the main role in “Phantom in Armor” was not necessarily played by an Asian actress.

Like the lead singer on the Iron Fist series Finn Jones, Scarlett Johansson found herself in the middle of a scandal over the Phantom in Armor.

From the moment Johansson was assigned to the main role in the blockbuster, fans and journalists began to accuse the Hollywood studio of using an American actress for a role that, in their opinion, should have been given to an Asian.

On the Good Morning America show, Johansson announced that she disagreed with this kind of criticism.

I think this heroine is going through a very unusual experience: she is a human brain, dressed in a machine shell. She is essentially devoid of personality.

I would never attempt to play a man of another race. I hope that any questions that have arisen about this casting solution will disappear when people see the film.

Scarlett Johannson actress

Previously, Johannson said that the work on “Ghost in the Shell” was not easy for her.

I was somewhat traumatized at the completion of the work on this film. He had to invest a lot of work, and [his universe] itself turned out to be a very dark place for existence. But, as usual, I remained myself, I thought, “Well, well, I did it. I am persistent. I again became myself. ” I was glad to finish the work on the Ghost in the Shell.

Scarlett Johannson actress

“Ghost in the shell” is based on the eponymous manga, published in the early nineties. The film tells about a cyborg who heads an elite task force called the Ninth Section.

The picture goes into rent March 30. According to media reports, the ban on the publication of reviews will fall on the same day. So far, it remains unknown whether the studio doubts the quality of the picture or is afraid of a repetition of the situation with “Iron Fist”, where many observers scolded the series, largely because of the leading role race.

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