Grab the N7 Armor in Mass Effect: Andromeda by these cool tricks – It’s not that difficult to get

The N7 armor sure looks cool and every single guy who starts playing Mass Effect: Andromeda wishes to acquire one. To get one you have to craft in the game but it’s not that difficult. To look like Commander Shepard, here’s what you need to do in the game.

Start Looking For It Even In The Start

You can start looking for the N7 armor right at the starting of the game and to initiate, your ship will do. Try finding the N7 armor in the tempest for the starting. Another way to get the armor is to play in the campaign mode. You can find EoS during the mission “A Better Beginning” on the very first planetary outpost.

Try Finding It As You Proceed

If you want to leave it for the next time, find it in the research stations ahead. You can search buildings and keep looking on your compass as it will show a research station. Once you have one in sight, remember the location as after you return from the short missions, you need to head to these places to find the N7 armor. You can also buy everything from the Nexus.

Armor Comes In Pieces

You cannot get the whole armor in one go. There will be 4 pieces of the armor. The pieces comprise of the helmet (The coolest thing of all), chest, legs, and arms. The thing you need to get in order to unlock these pieces is the “Blueprints”. For instance, the chest needs 100 points and the other pieces need 50 each. This small amount of blueprints is not that difficult to get as you will be having 150 to 200 points just from playing through the first missions. Rest are pretty easy to get as you proceed through the game.

The Next Step

Only collecting all 4 pieces is not all, you have to build them. The material you require is pretty common and you won’t have any problem in finding them. Buying them from the Nexus is the easiest part. After building the armor, visit your wardrobe in your cabin at the ship. Now you can choose from the 3 colors for your armor which are Grey and Black and Red for the pattern.


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