Indepth Review of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands and PC Performance

Tom Clancy’s The Division as something of a massively open world online third-person shooter. It was a pretty enjoyable game under the right circumstances, despite suffering from a severe case of Ubisoft. Now we have another Tom Clancy’s again with “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands” developed by Ubisoft Paris. The latest in the Ghost Recon franchise, the series of games that straight further and further from it’s origin with every new installment.

This one must like The Division is a third person shooter and putting you up against the Santa Blanca Cartel in Bolivia. While take some of the elements from Metal Gear 5, Just Cause 2, Grant Theft Auto and even Far Cry 3 and 4. It’s a cocktail of every third person open world you played in the last half decade and if you are looking for a game that has everything in it what you have played so far then this could be the one.

So after a particularly long winded and try your thrown to the game and task with bringing down the cartel one piece at the time. What’s neat about the game right after the battle is you can do this in any order you want. The game world is open form the get-go though obviously some areas are going to be difficult than others and heading there too early is going to get your ass kicked. This Ubisoft game is an absolutely humongous game want to explore and cover with story missions, side missions, collectibles and other things that give completion as a wet drain. In each new area you visit, you just drive around collecting intel until it reveals the story mission on the map. Then you can play those missions to take on the head of the area.

During these missions taking influence from a game like GTA, this is a wanted system of sorts, where the more you fight back the greater the resistance becomes and it’s easy to just hightail out of there than to stand your ground.

Aside from the multitude of things to do, the game offers up a multitude of ways to customize your experience from customizing the part of a weapon of which there are dozens. Through the way you can personalize your character appearance, be it male or female or honestly i’d say. None of it effect any of the characters.

You can also upgrade your character by selling items which you get from assassinating prominent cartels leaders. Wild land is a bit of strange game, I mean when you are engage in a combat you are horribly exposed. It feels like you are never really in control of your characters position during the gun fight. It’s just feel kind of loose. Despite there’s a lot of guns in the game, which are pretty much the same in a way.

When you are just messing around and exploring, it’s really fun but it just seems that every actual mission you have to do is kinda terrible. On a positive note I think it is pretty normal looking game at times. In terms of the performance it is amazing without using the latest drivers and it is stable at most of the times.

What’s actually really cool though is how the graphics options menu actually shows you what affects each setting has in the game, which is every game should be doing. If you ever wanted to play a game of the TV series Narcos then I’d say play Ghost Recon Wildlands.


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