Best android games of the year 2017 that you will absolutely fall in love with

What happens when a PC gamer wants to shift to Mobile Phone gaming? He/she finds it pretty difficult to get the game of the standard that he/she was used to. In this case, iPhone played a vital role as the Apple App Store was full of such apps that were just a download away from your phone to take you in a world of amazement.

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But, the things have changed in the recent years as Android is all set to provide its users with some insane range of high-quality gaming. Android is famous for its open source products and hence the Google Play Store has a long list of the apps that are totally free to download.
Moving a step further, if you agree to spend a little amount of money, you will be amazed to know what android has to offer you! Yes, you can get a number of such gaming apps by spending no or very less amount of money that are absolute fun to play.

Here are some of the amazing android games.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

If you had been playing games on Xbox One and PS4 previously, you must be aware of this name. This game is the Android version of the same game that you played on Xbox or PS4. By spending an amount of $4.99, you will be able to download it and get into the world of the two brothers who are in search of water from the tree of life for their diseased father.

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The Room Three

Placed under the same price tag of $4.99, The Room Three is a puzzle game that you would love to play. The puzzle is basically made up of objects placed in a room which you need to set in order to complete the picture. The android version of this game gives you the option to save it to the cloud as well.

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A Boy and His Blob

If you had played the previous version of the game, you must be aware of the gameplay. It feels so good being young, isn’t it? So take your young boy to the mission of killing the “bad ruler” and win the game. Do remember to feed the boy on time because the game won’t cost you more than $4.99



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