Android Apps Hit With The Huge Windows-Based Malware-132 Apps

Android apps sometimes come with some small viruses or threats in them but they can easily remove from antiviruses etc. However, recently about 132 google play applications have the capability to install specially designed malware designed for windows in your android devices.

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These affected included apps of all kinds from ideas like cheesecake app or gardening apps or coffee tables design apps.  However, the only common thing in these infected 132 apps is that they all have Android WebView which is used to display static HTML pages.

How you can guess that any app is now affecting your device.

When you open the page then it will do nothing just load your stored pictures or load some HTML hard coded text meanwhile, it is actually loading the malware. But according to the analyst’s report, HTML hard coded text is revealing the little and hidden IFrames  These IFrames link the device to malware domain.  The malware was not the first detecting because the link which connects the app with malware was down at that time so it was not noticeable.

Malware files will be a load whenever Apps are running on android devices but these files are not executable on android mobile because of malware affects only windows but if you connect your device with windows device, this Malware will automatically effect it. Now you can understand that this Malware is not effective to android devices but is dangerous because it is potentially harmful to windows platforms.

images source: .arstechnica.

By this, the possibility to make unaffected devices as the carrier of this malware is very high because you connect your devices to your windows PC many times for many porpuses like data transfer. This makes the virus critically risky.  Try not to download such app unless and until developers make sure that they have removed this malware, or your device is fully protected with the highly efficient anti-virus.


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