Google New Gmail’s Update: Huge Increase In Size Of Attachments

Google is providing its users many updates after every few days. Last week we saw the new update by Google Gmail. It’s kind of huge Gmail’s update change in the Gmail inbox. This will help users to share more than ever. The size of attachment files is now exceeded to 50MB. Now you can share messages and downloads attachments like photos etc up to the 50MB size which is doubled than before.

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But.. the upgrade still doesn’t allow to send one big file with more than 50MB. It is still limited to 25MB. But it is soon possible. No worries you can use google drive for bigger files.

Google make this update because it knows the value of this feature. It is always trying to make its users happy and comfortable about using its products. As in some blog, Google officially says “Sending and receiving attachments is an important part of email exchanges.

Worth Of Gmail’s Update

Now we can raise some questions.. Does it worth it or not? We all know we can send data for like up to 5tb from google drive or OneDrive, or other cloud storage services by signing in it. You can send any type of file, document, pictures or videos by them.

Then why will we need this Gmail update? We can get the answer after users reviews and rating. You can get an automatic update for this features in coming two or three days.


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However, If you are using Gmail inbox from your mobile,  then you may need to update your Gmail app to get this new feature. Keep an eye on the Google play store so you can get to know about if there is some new update for you. Do let us know what you think after using this new update, that it is helpful and worth of using or not.


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