Zotac Magnus EN1080 A Mini PC That Packs Quiet A Punch

In a world where there is a huge market for high end desktop PC’s. There is also a market for high end compact PC’s as well. Not everyone wants a huge desktop in front of them.  For these kind of people different companies have been trying to come up with a powerful compact PC, among one is a company named Zotac.

Zotac did recently launched their new mini PC series known as Zotac Magnus EN10. It was all well and good, but the highest supported GPU was the GTX 1070 in this series. This was quiet disappointing to alot of people, who would want a GTX 1080 in their new Zotac mini PC. Considering even high end gaming laptops now support a desktop grade GTX 1080 in them. But it looks like, Zotac wasn’t ready to surprise us yet.

Source: Zotac

Zotac just launched their new mini PC called Zotac Magnus EN1080 and as the name suggest. Yes, it is equipped with a desktop grade GTX 1080. In terms of specs the new Zotac Magnus EN1080 is equipped with an Intel i7 6700 processor. This time around it’s the actual processor and not a cut down version of it. As on the Zotac Magnus EN1080, the CPU itself is water cooled. That also extends to the newly added GTX 1080, keeping both the CPU and GPU at a good operating temperature.

Zotac Magnus EN1080 also supports DDR4 RAM and SSD/M.2 Storage. Both of which are configurable by its user. There is no information on the actual price of the Zotac Magnus EN1080 yet, but for comparison sake. The same mini PC from Zotac, equipped with a GTX 1070. Starts at a price of $1200 dollars.

Source: techreport

Yes, the mini PC would cost more than an equally specked desktop PC. But then again, fitting all that high end hardware in such a small form factor, doesn’t come cheap.


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