Apple is bringing new color to the iPhone 7 and New iPad Pro coming March!

 Actually got some very exciting news for our readers today. There’s been a new report that detailed a lot of upcoming Apple products which can be seen as early as next month. The report on the other hand is very mumble jumble; everything mixed together. It’s hard to make end of things.

The report was provided by a very reliable source because it has a very good track record. So the first thing this report details is the iPad mini series or the 7.9 inch iPad. It’s been a while since Apple is refreshed and the users are stuck on the iPad mini 4. It’s the slimmer version of the iPad mini 3. Off course it has a good camera but other than that there hasn’t been much progressions. Now Apple says to bring Pro name to it’s mini series; so, it’s going to be not the iPad mini 5 but the iPad pro 7.9 icnh.

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The report is detailing that this thing will have 4 speakers just like the iPad pro. Both of them actually will have 12 mega pixel camera on the back with flash. And the most surprising things about it is that it will receive the smart connector, just like on the iPad Pro. Let’s hope they don’t raise the price because of all these new features. There’s no words on whether this thing will be getting any slimmer or anything or battery life but it will rock the a9x processor.


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Lets move to the larger iPad Pro 10.5 inch, there has been a lot of rumors about this model in particular because it’s going to be flagship. So, originally rumored to start at 10.9 inches, it’s going to be 10.5. The best way to describe this one would be the most technological advanced iPad. It will actually keep the same form factor as the 9.7 inch. It’ll be exactly the same size but the display will grow so, the bezels will shrink. It’ll be an edge to edge display.

Now let just get into the smaller things. The most exciting news for iPhone users, the red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It’s basically a fundraiser iPhone, some of the proceeds go to research for AIDS. But basically we are going to seeing a new color for the iPhone and this was earlier rumored to be just white or ceramic white to match the Apple watch but now reports are saying that at this event Apple will release a color red iPhone which is going to be amazing and here are couple of versions of that, what it could look like.

Image via: investorplace


Let’s hope Apple do make the manufacturing process better to resist against scratches. 


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